About Val

I help people create a beautiful and meaningful life
after the loss of a loved one to suicide.

Some things in life call us to connect with a deeper and more honest truth about ourselves and our lives.

Multiple family suicides is what called me.

Supporting Your Healing

Life isn’t the same after someone we love has died by their own hand.

Something permanently changes about who we are on the inside.

Questions, sometimes too hard to put into words, stand as sentinels pointing to a new part
of us that we haven’t expanded into yet.

Sometimes it feels inviting. Sometimes it feels like heavy sadness.

Sometimes it feels like a painful endless hole in our hearts that will ache forever.

This is our true nature calling us toward growth.

This is a call to a deeper understanding of and connection with the truth of who we are.

This Is Where Peace And Healing Can Be Found

I’ve Been Where You Are

 I’ve lost my father and my brother, my uncle and my cousin.

Between my ages of 9 and 24, these men made their final decisions.

It was my brothers’ suicide that stopped the earth turning under my feet. He was just 15.

For over 2 decades I’ve been on the journey of healing and growing and reconnecting with wholeness. I have created a life of deep peace and powerful expansion of my livingness.

This same peace and aliveness is available for you too.

Support On Your Path To Peace

Remembering your truth and purpose for being here with the rest of us.

Reconnecting with the web of conscious life that you have always been a part of.

Reclaiming your aliveness and your place here, and your inborn capacity for growth on all levels of your being.

I can guide and hold you through a journey of reconnecting with your true nature, exploring your body, mind, and intuition, and opening your awareness to the sacred aliveness of your own life.

If you’re willing to be with your experience of the heartbreaking loss, it can become a powerful catalyst to your spiritual, emotional, and physical transformation.

Leading you into a life that fills you with gratitude and love and knowing.

Is it time for you to expand into a bigger experience of your own aliveness?
I can help.

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Death Is Not The Opposite Of Life, But A Part Of It.