Healing The Grief
Of Suicide 

Transform the heartache of a loved one’s suicide
into a deep peace, trust in Life, and
meaningful fulfillment and personal success,
through a journey of coming back to your true nature.

Deep in your heart there is a part of you that is OK. I know that a part of you is OK. Even when you don’t.

When we can find this place in ourselves, we can begin to move forward in life again. We can consciously reconnect with our true self, and find stability and groundedness. This is where true healing starts.

Initial sessions with me are free. We can sit together (online or in the flesh) for up to 90 minutes. There are no obligations and no requirements to book another session. I’m here to hold space for your healing. You can read more about why I do this, here.

Finding Peace

When the formal grieving time is over and everyone else seems to have gone back to living on an earth that’s revolving, we can find ourselves alone with the pain and the questions and feeling stuck on a planet that’s no longer turning for us.

If this is you, it can be helpful to know that this is normal, and it will pass. Book a conversation with me to explore ways You can find some peace and move forward with your healing.

Mentoring & Coaching

Losing a loved one to suicide changes us. Whether we want that or not. Life becomes about learning how to live with the final decision our loved one has made.

The opportunity now exists for you to use the healing journey as a catalyst for huge transformation right across your life. That may not seem very inviting right now, but as time moves along and as the days and weeks become months and years, we do change because of this experience.

The invitation is to be conscious with this healing journey, reconnect with who you truly are and why you are here, and make meaningful choices around who you will become as your heart heals and creates a new version of you.

How To Work With Me

Come into a free and obligation free conversation with me. I have much I can share with you.

We’ll have plenty of time to connect heart to heart, and to see if what I have to offer is aligned with where you are at and where you want to get to.


North Queensland, Australia.
I work with suicide experiencers around the world.


connect @ valcozens.me