What Others say

What Others Say About Working With Val

When I started working with Val, my initial hesitation was that I’d probably be feeling very uncomfortable doing this exploratory work. I quickly found that Val truly does hold a sacred space for me to feel free to unburden my woes and find connection with my inner self. She has helped me to explore and remember inner resources that I possess though haven’t been utilising. I appreciate Val’s honesty and preparedness to be open to whatever emerges.

Through this inner work with Val I have recovered my daily meditation practise and my journaling practise, I have increased my ability to quell my negative self-talk, rediscovered the delightful experience of free dance movement, and have connected grounding & breath work to a new sense of positive purpose. I find now that I am frequently feeling that I AM enough!  I’m now becoming more aware, through these practices, of when I’m on auto-pilot and unconscious!

Val is friendly, down to earth, and grounded in her special practice of coaching. It has been a pleasure having this communication with Val. She has been very open, and our engagement has been easy and enjoyable. I deeply appreciate all the help & guidance that I’ve received. I’d recommend Val’s service to anyone who is serious about self-development, making positive change in their lives, or wanting to expand their horizons either personally, spiritually or professionally.

Val’s soul has really nourished my soul over the last 4 months. I feel so lucky to have had the chance to work with her.
If you have be given the opportunity to work with Val, then you will also realise the “Universe has Your Back” and is sending you to her because it’s going to be awesome for your life’s journey. Mine certainly has been and I will be forever grateful.
Val has been heaven sent for me during an intense period of grief and loss when my brother suddenly passed recently. I was vaguely lost, alone in my sadness with an unexpected lack of helpful support, unfortunately the very people I automatically thought to support me through such an experience (family) were themselves reeling in shock, so a nudge from a friend linked me to Val.
A couple of other family members have had counselling but it clearly hasn’t assisted them like Val’s coaching has helped me. She immediately lifted my spirits, gave me understanding, empathy, hope, direction, structure and guidance all in the gentle style she has.
Quite possibly the first realisation I had was Val gave me permission to talk and talk and talk because she listens so well, holding the space for my emotional outpouring and my need to go to the dark places in my grief with honesty and frankness. 
Val could handle it without interrupting me, or having to fix it or make it better or distract me, she simply let me unload, which was a huge relief. I did have a couple of moments where I worried I was getting self-indulgent but Val scooped me up out of that and kept it constructive, letting me dip back into it whenever I needed to but then instantly recognising when I was able to move forward. Then when she could tell I was ready she started to help me rebuild.
There was a whole mixture of things coming up for me and Val inspired, uplifted and got me back on track. 
Val has a depth of understanding about human nature that is rare. 
I absolutely loved talking to Val and then I went on to love listening to Val, thinking about what guidance she gave me and following through on the suggestions she gave me, they were so easy and yet thorough, because Val is so easy to work with.
Quite an amazing soul really, she has focused strengths in business, marketing, personal habits, soul searching, self-awareness, self-discipline, goal setting, strategies in sales, clients, websites, and promotion. It doesn’t matter what the issue is Val has knowledge to draw down from.
Val is one of the most open, interested people too who is fascinated by what you bring back and share with her. She can be serious when the moment requires it but is also up for a good laugh with a great sense of humour.
Val is strong and capable yet kind and gentle, she’s understanding, clear, empathetic, compassionate, trustworthy, caring, insightful, intuitive, sensitive to others feelings, a brilliant listener, a nature lover and a grounded level headed woman with integrity.
Val gives permission and then crafts and facilitates your growth. Thank you Val for helping me with life coaching through a tough time.

Initially as I came into coaching with Val, I was afraid to open up and fearful/anxious about how I might feel. This fear soon evaporated, on our first meeting I found myself opening up very willingly.

I have realised that it’s important to take care of myself and that I need to fill my cup in life. Val pushed me to take action instead of just thinking and doing nothing. I have also made some very positive steps to make significant changes in my life now and further down the track as I progress. Val has empowered me to work on myself further, take care of myself and she encouraged me to keep going even when the universe throws me a few curve balls.

The best things about working with Val is her positivity, approach, guidance and teaching me about self-love. She is so easy to talk to and has a beautiful calm nature. I love her positive messages of support and that she gave me challenges, tasks and tools to change my mindset and lift my spirits.

Our sessions have been intensely thought provoking and helpful to me in so many ways. Val challenged me to find out what it is I really want from life and I am now feeling inspired to pursue my passion in life. I feel like I am embarking on a journey of change and Val helped me arrive at this stage with support and guidance. I now feel equipped with the tools to get rid of fear and self-doubt when it approaches and how to reflect on my past achievements to change the way I think.

I would definitely recommend Val to anyone who is feeling in a state of limbo with their life/career/relationship or someone seeking clarity on their path in life or those who have lost a sense of who they are.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to have been through coaching with you Val. I can’t thank you enough for helping me on my journey